Best Family vacation in Brussels of 2017

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 20, 2017
  3. Europe
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Brussels is officially bilingual,and though it is predominately francophone,Flemish is also an official language.It is the seat of the European Union,so you will hear a polyglot of languages.Here we talk about the best family vacation in Brussels of 2017.



Bois de la Cambre

Brussels prides itself on its vast amount of green outdoor spaces.Bois de la Cambre is located near trendy Avenue Louise.This public park has a small lake with a tiny island in the center that you can reach via electrically operated pontoon boat.There are cars allowed in this park,so keep an eye on the kids.

The next three attractions are located in the Bruparck area,a short metro ride from the center of town


This 355-foot cluster of silver spheres represents an atomic structure.Gigantic,it is on eight levels spread over 5 spheres.Its mythical form and size make it one of the most popular attractions in town.You get breathtaking views of Brussels from the top sphere and you feel very small indeed when you stand under it.Free for kids under 12 with the purchase of an adult ticket.


Over a dozen indoor and outdoor water slides,a wave pool and an aqua fun house makes this aquatic park a great place to cool off.There is a slide sized for everyone,from your teenaged thrill-seeker to your timid toddler.