Best Experiences with Kids in Paris,Museums in Paris city

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 27, 2017
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Parisians generally feel that their capital is the center of the universe.For many tourists,may need the Paris guides during the Paris vacations.And here're our best experiences with kids in Paris,museums in Paris city for you all.They may be correct,if only geographically speaking.Paris is at the heart of the region of Ile-de-France(the Island of France)and is encircled by seven suburban départements commonly and regally referred to as the petite and grande couronnes.These“crowns”are dotted with cultural and historic treasures,from majestic palaces to picturesque artistic villages,and are only a short journey from the city center.

Museums in Paris city

Exploring Ile de la Cité's Flower Market:A fine finish to any day(Mon-Sat)spent meandering along the Seine is a stroll through the Marchéaux Fleurs,place Louis-Lépine.You can buy rare flowers,the gems of the French Riviera—bouquets that have inspired artists throughout the centuries.On Sundays,the area is transformed into the Marchéaux Oiseaux,where you can admire rare birds from around the world.

Going Gourmet at Fauchon:An exotic world of food,Fauchon offers more than 20,000 products from around the globe.Everything you never knew you were missing is in aisle after aisle of coffees,spices,pastries,fruits,vegetables,and much more.Take your pick:Scottish smoked salmon,preserved cocks'combs,Romanian rose-petal jelly,blue-red Indian pomegranates,golden Tunisian dates,dark morels from France's rich soil,century eggs from China,and a creole punch from Martinique,reputed to be the best anywhere.