Best Experience During Berlin Break For Family With Children

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 1, 2017
  3. Europe
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Berlin has a wealth of activities for families with children–no matter whether toddlers,pre-teens or teenagers.Here we talk about the best experience during Berlin break for family with children.The city has attractions,theatres,cafés,museums,events and tours all especially for children.Countryside,animals,and technology–Berlin has everything children love from farmyards to puppet shows.Here,you can find lots of tips on activities for the entire family.Explore Berlin together with your children–and enjoy some quality family time!

Berlin tours

Berlin´s celebrity graveyard

In this cementary many famous Berliners chose to have their final resting place.Poet/playwright Bertolt Brecht and philosopher Friedrich Hegel are among the best-known names that were buried here.There are many tombstones(especially from the 19th century)which are interesting examples of German artistic sculpture.

The graveyard seems to have been especially popular with writers,but also politicians like former German president Johannes Rau chose to be buried here.There´s a memorial site for people that died in resistance to the Nazi regime.

Saturday Ultimate Frisbee(reoccurring)

Every Saturday we play Ultimate Frisbee-open for any age and experience level.Join in from 2-6pm at Treptower Park,we usually have 10-14 players from all around the world,therefore the game language is English.Since it is a lot of running,bring good shoes and lots of water.There is also a picnic most of the time going on.