Best city break destinations in Istanbul

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jan 8, 2018
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With our guide to enjoy the best city break destinations in Istanbul,get active with the kids and enjoy some quality time together at Miniaturk and Vialand.Want more?Kumburgaz Lunapark and Aqua Club Dolphin will ensure that the good times keep rolling.Fish-loving travelers will enjoy the wide variety of aquatic creatures housed at TurkuaZoo.There's also something fishy going on at Istanbul Aquarium and Istanbul Dolphinarium.

Best city break destinations in Istanbul

Spice Bazaar(MısırÇarşısı)

The Spice Bazaar is the place to get your foodie fix of lokum(Turkish delight),dried fruit,nuts,herbs,and of course spice.Much of the money that helped construct it came from the taxes the Ottoman government levied on Egyptian-made products,which is why its name in Turkish(MısırÇarşısı)means"Egyptian Market".The Spice Bazaar is a prime tourist attraction and at certain times of the day gets ridiculously crowded with huge tour groups from the docked cruise ships.Try to come before 11am or after 4pm.

Just next door to the Spice Bazaar's main entrance is the stately Yeni Camii(New Mosque),which was begun in 1615 and finished in 1663-that's"new"for Istanbul.It is worthwhile taking a peek inside while you're sightseeing in the area as the interior is richly decorated with tile-work and liberal use of gold leaf.

Location:Yenicamii Meydanı,Eminönü