Berlin Guides,Things to Do in Berlin with Kids

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 21, 2017
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Like most of us,you are probably still trying to figure out the school year routine this week.If you're still debating extracurricular options,take a peak at our Classes and Activities Guide.Berlin guides,things to do in Berlin with kids give you the good advice.

Berlin Guides

DDR Museum

Glimpse how the other half lived when Berlin was a divided city.Everyday life in the former East Germany is explored in an interactive manner.Open cupboards,rummage through bureau drawers and watch tots on East German television.

Museum of Technology or Deutsches Technikmuseum

Learn the history of German aviation,film technology and brewing at this hands-on celebration of science and technology where planes and trains are on display.

Labyrinth Kindermuseum

This is a wonderful place to let preschool kids loose.It’s completely hands-on with lots of room to romp.Make sure your socks are clean as no shoes are allowed.

Berlin Guides

Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon is the most visited museum in Germany.The hall containing the famed Pergamon Altar is closed until 2019,but the many reproductions of famed archeological and classical sculptures will intrigue kids with an interest in the ancient world.

Neues Museum

This visually dynamic museum blends cutting-edge architecture with a top-notch Egyptian collection.The showstopper is the bust of Queen Nefertiti,her long neck and sloe eyes as gorgeous as any movie star.

Jewish Museum

Even before you step inside,the imaginative building designed by Daniel Libeskind will have you thinking about the repercussions of the Holocaust.Jewish life is simultaneously celebrated and mourned.The Holocaust exhibits are deeply thought-provoking,but there are lighter exhibits,too,such as a display of Christmas/Chanukah memorabilia created for mixed-marriage holiday celebrations.