Berlin Guides,Best Things To Do In Berlin

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 3, 2017
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Berlin is packed with things to do and see,every single day.But no worries,we keep you in the picture on what’s happening in this exciting city.Just follow the Berlin guides,to find the best things to do in Berlin.

Things To Do In Berlin

Enjoy the sunset like a local

It's a bridge in Friedrichshain where the Berliner and the lovers are use to go in order to admire the sunset.They love it because it's quiet and has a spontaneous atmosphere.I never know if they will be some music or something's worth a visit to see a nice view of Berlin and because it's the bridge of the lovers demonstrated with the famous padlocks.

The city´s biggest playing ground

For a long time this huge area in central Berlin has been an airport.Some years ago locals voted in a referendum to stop plane traffic.In 2010 the so-called Tempelhofer Feld was opened as a park and ever since has been a paradise for barbecue parties,kite-flyers and cyclists.The park is opened when the sun rises and closed when it sets.