Berlin city for first-timers,exploring the best restaurants in Berlin

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 17, 2017
  3. Europe
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Berlin,a famous city in Germany with long history,may be a very interesting city for first-timers.Just join us to visit it,exploring the best restaurants in Berlin,enjoy the Berlin city which is a combination of cutting-edge cool and timeless tradition,wrapped up in a package of spectacular landscapes place.

best restaurants in Berlin

Out of this world vegan burgers at Réger Burger

The neverending quest to find a truly amazing vegan burger ends here.The folks at Réger Burger have developed some mouth-watering delights that will win over even the most carnivorous customer.The humorously named No Girlfriend Burger boasts a black bean patty,creamy vegan cheese sauce and crunchy nachos,while the Tempting Tempeh puts a plant-based twist on a typical American-style street food favourite.But be prepared to do some searching–this place is mobile!Tour dates for the food truck can be found on their website;they pop up at all of Berlin’s trendiest street food markets including Street Food Auf Achse at Kulturbrauerei,or the delightful Green Market Berlin.

Vibrant and healthy dishes at The Bowl

On a corner that boasts a vegan supermarket,a vegan cafe and even a vegan shoe store,The Bowl stands out as an epic destination for plant-based eating.With seven different perfectly balanced bowls on the menu,you’ll be spoiled for choice at this charming eatery.Filled with colourful veggies and enticing sauces,The Bowl’s dishes are as flavour-packed as they are beautiful.

best restaurants in Berlin

Go east at 1990 Vegan Living

Occupying the corner across from Friedrichshain’s lively Boxhagener Platz,1990 Vegan Living brings a plant-based twist to the Vietnamese cuisine Berlin loves.The restaurant’s beautiful decor and exciting dishes will make you feel like you’re on the streets of Hanoi–even if you’re just taking a break from wandering around the local antique markets or trendy secondhand stores.