Barcelona Transport,Different Ways to travel in Barcelona

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You have five main ways to travel in the Barcelona city.Just follow the Barcelona tours guide to get to know the Barcelona public transport,and to prepare the different ways to travel in Barcelona.

Barcelona Transport

Metro(Subway or Underground)

Barcelona currently has eight metro lines that can be identified by the number and colour of the line:L1(red),L2(lilac),L3(green),L4(yellow),L5(blue),L9(orange),L10(light blue),L11(light green)and serve most of the city.

It also has an urban and metropolitan rail network the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat(FGC),run by the Catalan government,which supplements Barcelona’s metro network.There are three urban lines:L6,L7 and L8.

Tickets:methods and prices

The metro operates an integrated fare system enabling passengers to obtain a free transfer from one means of public transport to another within a period of 1 hour and 15 minutes.There are different types of travel cards and transport passes in Barcelona that are valid throughout the public transport network(metro,buses,tram and suburban rail),including the T-10 card which is valid for 10 journeys,or day passes(2,3,4 and 5 days).

Single Ticket:2,15€

T-10 Card:9,95€

Day passes:Hola Barcelona


Metro(TMB):Weekdays from Monday to Thursday,Sunday and public holidays:5am-midnight.|Friday and evenings before public holidays:5am-2am.|Saturday and evenings before public holidays on 1/1,24/6,15/8 and 24/9:continuous service.|24/12:until 11pm.

Barcelona Transport

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat(FGC):Weekdays from Monday to Thursday,Sunday and public holidays:5am-midnight.|Friday:5am-2am.|Saturday and evenings before public holidays on 1/1,24/6 and 24/9:continuous service.

Tram and FGC

The Tram works again in Barcelona from 2004.This means of public transport,an alternative to the metro,that had disappeared in 1971,is today an accessible,ecological,fast and comfortable system.

The Tram route provides easy access to Barcelona's major industrial areas,shopping centres and residential zones.

There are 2 Tram lines in Barcelona:the Trambaix(T1,T2,T3)which runs from Francesc Maciàto the towns of Sant Just Desvern,Sant Joan Despí,Sant Feliu de Llobregat and Cornellà.The Trambesòs(T4,T5,T6)covers a route from the Olympic Village to Sant Adriàde Besòs via the Forum site and arriving to Badalona.

Tickets:methods and prices

Single ticket:2,15€


Day passes:Hola Barcelona


Weekdays from Monday to Thursday,Sunday and public holidays:5am-midnight.|Friday,Saturday and evenings before public holidays:5am-2pm.


Barcelona has a service of 11,000 taxis which can be easily identified by their yellow and black livery.A green light on top of the taxi indicates its availability.There is also a service of taxis adapted for people with reduced mobility.

If you want to hire specific services(drivers who speak foreign languages,seven-seater vehicles,etc.),we recommend you use the telephone booking service.

Barcelona taxi fares

-There are special supplements of entrance and exit of the airport,luggage and nights.