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Will the weather be fine in Barcelona?Will people understand what I'm saying?Take a look at the practical and useful information below and you'll find the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions before you pack your case.Barcelona is committed to every aspect of sustainability.Not for nothing were we the first city in the world to be awarded Biosphere certification.The city's transport network is making great strides in accessibility.

Barcelona Guides

History of Barcelona

The cradle of Catalan culture,amongst many other cultures and civilisations,and a witness to major transformations such as the Industrial Revolution or the Civil War amongst many others,Barcelona has a fascinating history.

Barcelona's climate

The Mediterranean sea breezes mean that Barcelona enjoys pleasant weather.Find out for yourself and check the forecast!


There are two official languages in Catalonia:Catalan and Spanish,and there are more and more people in the region who understand and speak English.You're sure to get by.


Prices and long hours to shop and eat…and to work!Get an insight into the routine and the way people live in Barcelona.

Barcelona Guides


Environmental and social sustainability is one of Barcelona's watchwords and that's why you'll find a whole host of initiatives to allow you to enjoy a more efficient and sustainable city.From environmental to social issues,from mobility to a commitment to sustainable accommodation,when you visit you'll find pioneering initiatives including selective waste management,prioritization of bikes and pedestrians,the preservation of parks and beaches,and a commitment to Smart technologies.


Barcelona is also an accessible city and offers every facility so that disabled people can enjoy it and visit the iconic sights.Museums adapted for the blind,barrier-free hotels,accessible beaches and parks,and sign-language tours…are some of the options you'll find on the website Barcelona Access.

Getting around

Acoustic and visual signals at the turnstiles,the location of vending machines by remote control,ticket machines with information in Braille and voice-activated browsing system s,and ramps and lifts providing step-free access are just some of the features available on the metro,buses,railway,trams and the Barcelona Bus Turístic.At the same time,we are furthering our commitment to non-polluting and sustainable energies with hybrid taxis and low-emission buses.