Barcelona Ferries&Cruise Ships

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Barcelona Ferries go to the nearby Balearic Islands and also travel to Civitavecchia and Genoa in Italy and Tangier in Morroco.Barcelona Ferries&Cruise Ships:

Barcelona tours

Many people enjoy combining a city break to Barcelona with a trip to the nearby islands especially during the summer months.

The Port of Barcelona is one of the largest commercial ports in Spain with many ferries and cruise ships leaving for destinations all over the world.

Barcelona is also one of the most exciting places to visit on a cruise.There are a choice of round-trip mini tours from Barcelona to places like Marseille in France and beautiful Palma de Majorca.

You can also take one of the longer cruise tours and visit famous cities such as Athens,Alexandria in Egypt and the Canary Islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Barcelona Ferries&Cruise Ships~Barcelona Port

Barcelona tours

The Barcelona Port Authority Building(Junta del O’bres del Port)is close to the Columbus monument and on the right(facing the sea)is the Moll de Barcelona.

A little further back is the Moll de Sant Bertram which is where you take the ferry to the Balearic Islands.

Nearby is Torre de Sant Sebastia which links the cross cable car from Montjuïc to the other side of the beach at Torre de Sant Sebastia.

Barcelona Ferries&Mediterranean Cruises

Taking a cruise is a great way to explore the Mediterranean as the cruise ships stop at many stunning ports along the way.Barcelona is also a major destination for Mediterranean Cruises.Enjoy on-board entertainment,activities,dining and relax.