Barcelona city guide,What to do on a weekend break in Spain

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  2. On Sep 24, 2017
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Barcelona has enough to keep the most voracious of culture vultures and self-indulgent of gourmands happy for weeks,but all those entry fees and tapas bills can mount up.Fortunately,help is at hand with a variety of ways to make your holiday budget stretch a little further.Barcelona city guide,what to do on a weekend break in Spain as below:

Barcelona city guide

Picture the city of Picasso's youth

Picasso's Barcelona,where he spent his early years,was beautiful and vibrant.Follow the footsteps of the artistic genius as you visit the landmarks that shaped his youth.Walk down C/Reina Cristina and then cross over to number 3 on C/Mercèto see where his family lived,though the building was later destroyed.

If you need to make a stop along the way,head to Els 4 Gats,where artists,including Picasso and Salvador Dali,gathered at the time to chat,eat dinner and have meetings about art.Finally,visit the Museu Picasso itself,a gallery that houses works from Picasso's formative years.

Fill up on tapas,pintxos and vermouth

Pintxos,in essence,are Basque tapas-plates of bite-sized goodies served atop a piece of bread-and they're also a culinary trend in Barcelona.Tradition calls for you to pick at the food with toothpicks,and at the end of the night you will be charged for the number of toothpicks that you have used.

One of the best places to give them a try is Euskal Etxea,where you can get stuck in to ham empanadillas(a type of pie),pintxos made of chicken tempura with saffron mayonnaise,melted provolone with mango and ham,or a mini-brochette of pork.But lest you forget,there are many more pintxos places in town as well.

But if what you really want are tapas,your options multiply-traditional,elaborate,places where patatas bravas are the stars of the menu,and tapas bars to go to if a good beer to wash them down is a priority.Some of the essentials are Quimet i Quimet,La Esquinica or El Jabalí.

Barcelona city guide

And of course,everything tastes better accompanied by a good vermouth.The weekends(or when you're on holiday)are ideal because there's more time to do a vermouth crawl,as is the custom,with a bite to eat as you sample the various types.But really any time is a good time to try the vermouth of the house in classic bodegas such as Bar Calders,La Pepita and Bar Electricitat.

Climb up the magical Montjuïc

Montjuïc mountain is the perfect place for a leafy stroll with great views,but it does take a bit of legwork to get up there,so it's less populated by tourists.But don't let that deter you.Aside from the natural surroundings and spectacular vistas,you'll find buildings from the 1992 Olympic Games,including the Palau Sant Jordi and the telecommunications tower designed by Santiago Calatrava.

If you're feeling full of beans and you get to the top of the hill,you can check out the Olympic stadium and the Jardi Botànic.Plaça Espanya,at the foot of Montjuïc,is the most common access point to the mountain,and where you can also visit the PavellóMies van der Rohe and the CaixaForum cultural centre.

Walk through the Laribal gardens,designed by French landscape architect Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier;visit the Tres Pins nursery,where plants are grown for gardens and municipal parks in the city;and tip your hat to the bronze statue of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri in the square of the same name.