What about weekend travel around Los Angeles? Here're attractions & tourism infomation about Los Angeles you need. Places which are right for family and kids.

Travel Around Los Angeles


It seems that everyone in Los Angeles has a taco truck that they swear by. Typically, these taco stands on wheels have a regular corner and semi-regular hours. The only reliable way to find a good one is to ask a local—or do some research on a foodie website. Not all taco trucks are created equal and it pays to know the specialty of the house—or truck, that is. A few things that most taco trucks share in common: tasty tacos, cheap prices, and a locals-only peek into L.A.'s hometown cuisine.


No doubt you've seen the iconic dome in movies, but nothing compares to spending a summer evening in a bleacher seat (or, better yet, one of the coveted boxes) at the Hollywood Bowl. To really get your local on, pack a picnic complete with bottle of wine and wicker basket and don't be afraid to share goodies with your neighbors. Performances run the gamut from reggae night to rock concerts to Los Angeles Philharmonic performances. But as most Angelenos would agree, the experience is as much about sitting outside under the night sky as it is about the music.


The park, extremely accessible from the city, offers a 53-mile network of trails, roads, and bridle paths. One of the most popular routes is up Mount Hollywood, which boasts panoramic views of the Los Angeles basin, the Griffith Observatory, and the Hollywood Sign along the way. Don’t feel like working up a sweat? Although riders must stay on specially marked trails, much of the park can be seen on horseback. Private stables are located in the park's northwest and southwest boundaries.

Travel Around Los Angeles


There may be nothing that epitomizes Los Angeles more than a drive down the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, or PCH, as locals call it. After taking in the sweeping views and turquoise waters, stop at a seafood shack, such as Malibu Seafood or the Reel Inn, for some ahi burgers or fish and chips. Afterward, check out one of Malibu's most beautiful beaches: Topanga State Beach, Zuma Beach, or the small and secluded La Piedra, El Pescador, and El Matador beaches.


One way to blend in with the locals is to surround yourself with them—literally. Get out to Dodger Stadium for a baseball game, and don't forget to dress in all blue and eat a Dodger Dog while you're there. Unless it's a big game, Dodger tickets are easy to come by—especially if you're willing to sit in the cheap bleacher seats. You can also spend a bit more to sit in one of the special sections such as the All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion. It's much harder to procure Lakers tickets when they play at Staples Center, but if you plan ahead, a Lakers game is a surefire way to see big celebrities and even bigger feats of aerodynamics.