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Madrid travel tips guide you find the right attractions&activities in Madrid.Save energy for the evening when the city really comes to life.Madrileños love going out on the town,and the paseo por la noche(evening stroll)is a cherished ritual.

Madrid travel tips

Impressive Religious Art at the Basilica de San Francisco

The Church of San Francisco el Grande was built in 1761 for a Franciscan friary.The church was designed by Fray Francisco Cabezas,who modeled the architectural plan on the Church of Santa Maria in Campitelli in Rome.The Neoclassical facade and dome were added in 1770.The interior features a circular plan with an inspiring dome and six chapels.The chapels display paintings by Maella,Velázquez,and Goya.In the first chapel on the left are Goya's San Bernardino,and Velázquez's Saint Bonaventure and The Appearance of the Virgin to Saint Anthony.The church also contains a painting of Saint Bonaventure by Zurbarán.The church museum displays a variety of religious art and artifacts.

Address:Plaza de San Francisco el Grande,Madrid

Fuente de Cibeles

The famous Cybele's fountain(Fuente de Cibeles)stands in a major traffic intersection and is one of the most emblematic monuments in Madrid.Created in 1782 by Francisco Gutiérrez and Roberto Michel,the impressive traffic-stopping fountain depicts the Roman Goddess Cybele riding a lion-drawn chariot.Behind the fountain is the Palacio de Cibeles cultural center,which hosts art exhibitions and workshops,conferences and concerts.The Centro Palacio de Cibeles has two restaurants:the Colección Cibeles caféteria and the Cibeles Palace restaurant.

Madrid travel tips

Nearby(via Calle de Alcala)is one of Madrid's most popular shopping streets,the Gran Vía.Tourists will find many restaurants,hotels,and theaters on this bustling street.Just off the Gran Vía on Calle de Jovellanos,the famous Teatro de la Zarzuela offers renowned performances of zarzuela-a unique type of satirical opera with songs accompanied by classical Spanish guitar music.

Address:Plaza de Cibeles,Madrid