Art Gallery&Museumes In Rome,Rome Day Trip

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 12, 2017
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We booked a last minute tour to Castelli Rome and Pier accommodated us in a friendly manner.The communication was smooth and he made us feel welcomed.He customed the tour according to our desire:more walking,time for photos.We spent more than 3hours but he did not mind at all.We saw beautiful villages from this area,an unique church,Pope's summer house,amazing views over the lakes,we had a coffee and delicious strwaberries.He was really nice showing us Frascati,his home town(best pizza place,the oldest city oven).And some places as art gallery&museumes in Rome,which suit for the Rome day trip are great:

Rome Day Trip

National gallery of modern art

GNAM(Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna)is the national gallery of modern art.It has many rooms containing a wealth of contemporary masterpieces.It takes a long time to see all of the collections so locals usually come here for the temporary exhibitions.

One of the most beautiful villas of Rome

The Académie de France better known as well as"Villa Medici"is located at the top of the Spanish Steps on the Pincian hill.It's a cultural centre originally created by Louis XIV to enable French artists to live in the city,gain inspiration from their surroundings,and develop their crafts.

International art gallery

After establishing art spaces in New York,Los Angeles,Paris and London,owner and king of contemporary art Larry Gagosian selected Rome as the newest site for his global network of galleries.This is where you’ll find the city’s contemporary art elite,as well as the usual wannabes.