Antelope tours, Things to Do in Antelope Canyon

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  2. On Apr 17, 2018
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What about the things to do in Antelope Canyon? Book your Antelope tours or just by self-driving there for a meaningful holiday there with your family in this Summer. And the travel tips shared with you as below:

Where to Stay in Antelope Canyon?

The La Quinta Inn & Suites in Page is among the very best hotels there. It’s quite brand-new, clean, cool and well kept. The staff is also extremely friendly, from reception to kitchen area.

Places Neighboring:

Another stunning nearby destination is Monument Valley. Take a look at our total Monolith Valley Guide, with comprehensive hotel, outdoor camping, scenic drive, treking and trips descriptions. The drive from Antelope Canyon takes less than 2 hours: Google Maps Driving Directions.

Things to Do in Antelope Canyon

Basic Facts

* Antelope Canyon is found on Navajo Land

* Both Upper Canyon and Lower Canyon can only be visited by means of guided tours (self directed trips in Lower Canyon were possible years ago).

* Upper Antelope Canyon trips stem from Page Arizona.

* Lower Antelope has a car park and can be reached by own vehicle.

* Lower Antelope Canyon is more physically requiring.

* No toilets, food or water readily available straight at the canyon.

While the areas are more cramped and thus more difficult to set up a tripod, you won’t need to deal with the huge crowds so it balances out. But once again, if you are going to Antelope Canyon to shoot the light beams you probably want to opt for Upper Antelope.

Another distinction is getting there. For Upper Antelope, you will come to a parking area where you will check in under a camping tent and then jump aboard an open-bed truck and head a couple of minutes down the roadway then on to a bumpy off-road to reach the canyon.