Just how special is Antelope Canyon? Where can we get the Antelope Canyon tours guides? How to make the most of your Antelope Canyon visit? Special enough to be featured on almost any “top 25 places to see in the world.” Located just outside of Page, Arizona, in the heart of Navajo Country, Antelope Canyon could be the most photographed slot canyon in the world and there is good reason for that fact. Simply put, the canyon may be the most mystifying place I’ve ever visited.


Antelope Canyon Tours Guide

This post contains two parts. The first part will focus on helping to prepare you for visiting the canyon, and the second part will give you tips for photographing the canyon.

I highly recommend that if you are visiting this part of the country to also check out the eBook on Amazon called Hidden Gems of the Western United States for more inspiring places to visit in this region!

For Upper Antelope canyon there are two ways to tour it. Either with a guide from town, or a guide from the entrance. While in times past there may have been a difference in cost, there was no difference in cost the last time we were there (this fall). Every one charged the same $6 park fee and $25 guide fee. And tips are "appreciated".

I have heard reports that if you go during those crowded July and August noon times (which is when the sunlight shines down and there are shafts of light in the canyon ) and show up without a tour you may be waiting at the entrance up to 2hrs.

Antelope Canyon Tours Guide

Like Bill we thoroughly enjoyed our tour of Lower Antelope Canyon. Just a lot more fun and interesting. For that you just drive to the entrance and pay your fee there.

And if you look real good and are lucky, you may see some of the animal antelope out on the open pastures in the area.

A great thing about staying a night or two in Page, AZ is that it gives you time to perfectly construct an itinerary for seeing some of the nearby sights. For example, you can wake up early and get some sunrise shots at Horseshoe Bend and then head over to Antelope Canyon and catch the canyon at the best time of day (when the light beams are out) and then still have time to head over to another amazing place like Glen Canyon (though if you want to visit Rainbow Bridge that needs to be an all-day event).