Antelope Canyon tours,Fully Guided Bus tour of Antelope Canyon

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jan 18, 2018
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Fully Guided bus tour of Antelope Canyon for you as below,Antelope Canyon tours guides may be you need now.One of the most-photographed slot canyons in the world,Antelope Canyon offers sandstone scenery and vantage points you can't find elsewhere.At Horseshoe Bend,on the Colorado River,admire its rock formation and interesting markings.

Antelope Canyon tours


Day trip to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend

See the amazing rock formations at Antelope Canyon

Look down over the Colorado River at Horseshoe Bend

Breakfast included

I highly recommend this adventure while you are in Las Vegas!Great guide!Stopping at Hoover Dam,other great photo stops and answering any questions.The drive was very good.You get to see the scenery outside of Vegas and it is beautiful!Although it may be a little bit of a drive,you will be ready for Vegas at night when you get back!I am planning on bringing my kids next year and will be doing this trip again!

In all seriousness,the long half-day ride to Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend was totally worth the drive.It's even more fulfilling than the Grand Canyon in some ways and like someone above commented,it has to be seen to be believed.Plus the experience of tour guide and driver-Ware-was excellent.He knew exactly when to entertain us and when to give us a break,very accommodating and a good host.This trip was the highlight of our one week Vegas trip.

Downside was the lack of info given to us by our guide/driver on the journey there and back-we had to resort to searching on google ourselves to find out about the places we were passing through and were able to find out a lot of interesting info.If we were able to find things out,surely our guide could have done this too-journey would have been a lot more enjoyable if there had been this kind of interaction.I would also suggest that you take something for breakfast with you as McDonalds is not necessarily to everyones taste first thing in the morning!In saying all this,we thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would recommend it to anyone wanting to get out of Vegas for the day.