Begin your Antelope Canyon trip in this Summer,and find the Antelope Canyon tours from Sedona on the site with discount price.Reserve your time slot and watch the weather are my two biggest tips.Reserving your time slot will guarantee your entry into Lower Antelope Canyon.They do allow walk-ins,but the day we visited was so crowded that there was a very long wait for walk-ins.

Antelope Canyon tours from Sedona,Tips For An Enjoyable Visit in Antelope Canyon

They will also close the slot canyons if there is a possibility of flooding.This happened the day before our visit so it influenced the amount of people visiting Lower Antelope Canyon on the same day that we visited.(Which is probably why it was so incredibly crowded,but it is also a very popular destination now,too.)It’s best to contact your tour company on the day of your tour to verify that you are still good to go.

Photographing Lower Antelope Canyon

If you plan to visit Lower Antelope Canyon,then you HAVE to bring your camera.I took so.many.photographs.And,I’ll be honest,they weren’t all phenomenal.I actually found it a little challenging to get the photos I wanted without a tripod.(They don’t allow you to bring a tripod on a regular tour.)If you are an amateur photographer,then I would suggest learning some tips before your visit to make the most out of your time in the slot canyons.

If you do not have a tripod,then shooting with a high ISO and wide aperture will be your best bet.I photographed in RAW most of the time.I also shot a few with the in camera HDR setting.However,shooting this way and hand holding the camera is not a best practice.I found a few places to steady myself/prop the camera when doing this to make sure the image was in focus.

Here are a few more tips that I can think of…bring your widest zoom lens,DO NOT change your lens in the slot canyon,take photos with people in them,and shoot up to take photos without people in them.It’s also fine to take photos with your phone and to STOP taking photos and just enjoy it!You will only be there for a short amount of time,so make sure that you take it all in.

If you want more detailed information about photographing Antelope Canyon,then I found a good post by Paul Reiffer that you can check out here.He talks about a lot of good technical information for my photo buddies out there.