antelope canyon tour--Trip to Antilope Canyon National Park

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Talking about this trip to the beautiful West Coast,it should be the antelope Canyon National Park and the Horseshoe Bay of the bar.These ghost of the natural beauty of the beautiful scenery is a major feature of the western of United States.

Although these two places are very famous,we are familiar with,but still,here Amway look.(Some part of the reference to Google Oh)

Antelope Canyon is one of the world famous slit-type canyons,is also well-known photography attractions.Located in the north of Arizona,Peggy is the nearest city,belonging to the Indian Jawahar Nature Reserve.Antelope Canyon is divided into two separate parts on the terrain:the upper antelope canyon and the lower antelope canyon.We went to the next antelope canyon,in view of the more beautiful and more suitable for taking pictures here.Because it belongs to the Indian protected areas,are required to follow the Indian group to enter,can not go alone.

Trip to Antilope Canyon National Park

The next antelope canyon is called"Hasdeztwazi"in the Navajo language(meaning"arch-shaped spiral rock").Located on the ground,you need to climb the metal stairs in the ground,the middle may also need to rely on some ropes to go through the next antelope canyon,because of its relatively high difficulty,fewer tourists.But the photographer is often here in the viewfinder.There are more changes in the valleys of the lower antelope canyon,and some of the passages are high and visitors may hit the head.

Antelope Valley is really beautiful,to the United States and West do not miss.

Horseshoe Bay is also very famous one of the beautiful Western scenery,is the Colorado River in Arizona,a section of the U-shaped river,is also a small section of the Grand Canyon,due to the river around the giant rock like horseshoe,named"Horseshoe Bay"The It was also called the Colorado River's big turn.

Horseshoe Bay's peculiar landscape is also amazing

Horseshoe Bay

This day the antelope horseshoe Bay day trip is scheduled to go to a free travel outside the scheduled platform above the scheduled,because too lazy to see their own Raiders and then in the English site above the appointment of what(mainly English is not very good),Directly in the Chinese site above a book scheduled for a day trip.

Give you a reservation on the website:

Originally just want to go to the antelope canyon,but did not expect a day trip with the horseshoe Bay,just go together.Strongly recommend that we wear very comfortable shoes,go a lot of roads,about 3.3 km walk.

Because the shuttle is only in the flagpole town,so the night before departure to choose to live in the flagpole town,although Peggy is actually from there is the nearest,but for the morning can easily be received(of course,you can not choose to pick up But we are busy with trouble),we live in the flagpole town.The town is quite special,is the location of the University of North Arizona and the Lowell Observatory,probably only 67,000 people.The town is also known as Vlad Griffith on Google(transliteration).International Dark Sky Association will be flag city certification for the world's first"international dark days community",so get"dark days of the city"nickname.

Antilope Canyon Tour

Before leaving the night we live in the Days Hotel,the price is also good,very clean,I remember it seems like a knife 90 days late.This hotel is booked on

We play in the Grand Canyon during the day,come too far(borrowed under the web photos,then forget to take a photo)really think that the United States Samsung Hotel completely than the four-star hotel

8 o'clock in the morning,the driver is also more time to the hotel to pick us up,then there are other tourists on the car together.The car also met a few compatriots haha,very affinity Oh

Here about the opening period of the next antelope canyon,for your reference.


The first week of March begins the first week of November

8 AM-5 PM

Start at 8:20 am and start every 20 minutes.The last bus starts at four o'clock.


The second week of November to the end of the last week of February

9 AM-4 PM

Start at 9:20 am and start every 20 minutes.The last bus departs from three in the afternoon.

Take away do not thank~~~

From the hotel to the antelope valley about two hours,after the day with the local Navajo Marcia tour guide confluence.The tour guide is very friendly,very praise.We are about 11 o'clock sitting around the protected area of??the"convertible"into the antelope canyon.

Canyon National Park Trip

To follow the tour guide after entering the canyon,after entering the valley here is really"narrow

The valley is very narrow,and these sandstone cliffs are very mysterious and there are light beams coming from the outside to make the canyons unusually beautiful.There is also some ladder installed to facilitate the tourists to walk.Such a steep place if not The ladder is definitely hard to climb.

The tour guide is very intimate,but also help you adjust the camera's angle to shoot the best photos.This is simply a photographer's paradise!To be immersive to appreciate the beauty of the antelope canyon!

The most intimate are the tour guide with the water,we need no matter what time!Really super warm ah ha ha ha.


Ordinary Tour is not going to take a tripod or a monopod Oh

The best also comes with a bottle of water,although there are guides there.

Comfortable hiking shoes.

Do not forget the tip of the tour guide Oh

Antelope Canyon is about 4,000 meters above sea level,and if it is not suitable for people who are not suitable for high altitude,it is advisable to consult a doctor if you can take a walk here.

Approximately an hour after the tour of the antelope canyon,the tour guide took us to the Glen Canyon Dam.This canyon between the antelope canyon and the horseshoe bay,we are here to see the dam and Lake Powell eat lunch,so nice Oh hey~~lunch although the Americans love fast food,but still very good or very rich,especially Is to go too much of the road after the feeling of what is delicious to eat good enough to eat

Antilope Canyon Trip

Glan Dam National Park

Rich lunch~dessert good oh

Glan Dam National Park

After lunch,the tour guide took us to the horseshoe Bay.To the destination after the need to get off about 1.2km walk to watch the best view of the Horseshoe Bay attractions.It is close to the lower reaches of the Grand Canyon Dam.Horseshoe Bay is also the gods of nature,very spectacular.Standing down above to see the horseshoe-shaped river,it is special.Or very worth a go!

Horseshoe Bay National Park

With the life of the people who take pictures~~

Horseshoe Bay National Park

There are absolutely wedding photographs here is true love

Horseshoe Bay National Park

It's almost 4 o'clock in the evening.

Sit in the car,we return by the same way.Although a lot of ways to go but did not feel too tired to see this beautiful scenery,really worth it.This experience is also very good,all the way to go smoothly,and the tour guide is also very good.