Antelope Canyon tour price,Antelope Canyon day trip

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  2. On Aug 8, 2018
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You will reach Antelope Canyon after traversing remote sections of the Navajo Reservation.Check the Antelope Canyon tour price and choose the right bus tours,and enjoy the Antelope Canyon day trip in this Summer.The Navajo Nation is one of the least populous regions in the United States.

Antelope Canyon tour price,Antelope Canyon day trip

And the red rock formations and distant views of the painted desert may remind you of the desert scenes in the famous roadrunner and coyote cartoons.Antelope Canyon is a world famous slot canyon that is hundreds of feet deep yet only a few feet wide in spots.A Navajo guide will lead you through the sculpted narrows where photographers will rejoice in the many photo opportunities.

Round trip transportation from your hotel,all necessary entry fees and permits,lunch,bottled water,a friendly guide and a safe and enjoyable day on the Navajo Nation.Adults:$199;Children:(6-12)$169.Or you can find the multi-day trip on the site with lots of bus tours you can choose.

Visiting Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona was a must on our American Southwest road trip.Antelope Canyon is a unique and beautiful place.The photographs taken in the slot canyons are iconic.(In fact,the most expensive photograph ever sold,Phantom by Peter Lik,was taken in Antelope Canyon.)I’ve seen so many gorgeous photographs taken in Antelope Canyon that I knew I had to experience,and photograph it,for myself.

Now,actually visiting Lower Antelope Canyon is a different story.It seems like the magic mostly lives online.I’m the kind of person who hates crowds,so if you are like me,you will probably have a similar experience.Basically,it felt like kind of a scam.But it is also a really beautiful place that feels diluted because of the amount of people there.I still really liked seeing it in person.So,I guess I’m on the fence as to if I would recommend it or not.