Antelope Canyon Ticket, Where Can Buy A Antelope Canyon Online?

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 22, 2017
  3. North America
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You only will pay the reservation fee for Upper Antelope Canyons National Park and Lower Antelope Canyon National Park if you go same day. Lower is a bit cheaper with $20 plus Navajo Fee. Fee for Upper also depends on time of the day you are going. You can book online for Upper Antelope on offical website. You will pay when you arrive at their Page headquarters. They will give you a receipt. Keep that receipt to show that you paid the $6 tribal park fee (the rest of the charge is for the guide). If you go to Lower canyon then show the receipt when you pay there for the guide and they will not charge you again for the tribal fee. No need to pay the tribal entrance fee twice whether you go direct to the entrance or with a booked tour.

Antelope Canyons Tour

Last October at the upper canyon it was $6 to park and then $25 for each adult to tour the canyon. Cash only. This was for the regular tour; the photography tour which is longer but only happens a couple of times a day, costs more. Didn't do lower so no idea of pricing. If the companies out of Page cost a lot more and offer nothing more than convenience, consider going on your own.

There is no point in buying on line. As noted, you can reserve a space with one of the tour companies in town. But then you'll end up paying the Navajo Rez fee twice. Better to drive to the gates for each tour where CASH is the only acceptable form of payment. But you wi only pay the $6 Rez fee one time.

I booked my tour online. When taking vacations, I like to have as much planned and booked beforehand as possible, one more less thing to worry about when traveling.

You can also drive yourself to both the upper and lower canyons (entrances are very near to each other). Then you can pay for the trip into the canyon with the Navajo guide and go on the next available tour. If you reserve online, you are paying a company in Page to drive you to the canyons and then go in with you and drive you back to Page. It's about a 15 minute ride in an open truck down a sandy wash to the canyon entrance--everyone goes in the same way. Then, of course, a 15 minute drive back to the parking lot. If you go with a tour out of Page, you will be driven from their office in Page, in the truck, to the canyon (down the wash) and then back to Page at the end.