Antelope Canyon Photo Tips, page Antelope Canyon tour

  1. By Dannie
  2. On Sep 6, 2018
  3. North America
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Quick tips for Photographing Antelope Canyons. Plan ahead by our tips and book the tour on the site with page Antelope Canyon tour. Like for any travel, do your homework and get to know the place. Gear. Use the widest angle lens from your arsenal. Try not to change lens. 4. Make use of your Live view. Go Manual mode and shoot RAW. Look up. Look for hidden slots.

Tripod and Lenses

If you scheduled a photography tour with Upper Antelope, you will have to bring your tripod and your DSLR. For lenses, try to stick to one wide-angle lens. There’s a ton of sand floating around down there and it’s all looking to land itself in the little cracks of your camera so try to stick to one lens.

Also, if you’re on a photography tour, it will be a hassle changing lenses more than once. That said, if you really just have to use two lenses it’s doable (I had at least one person in my group do so). Just take extra precautions to keep the sand out and not to waste time.

If you’re planning a trip with your partner and he/she doesn’t have a DSLR/tripod you are kind of stuck. In my case, I called the tour company and told them my situation and they said it’d be okay for my partner to come along and shoot with just an iPhone (as long as I payed full-price for another spot).

But when I arrived to sign in they asked for his DSLR and I had to reason with them for us to be able to go on the tour. I understand them wanting to reserve spots for serious photographers only but you’d think they’d have options for partners/assistants or at least be consistent with their customers.

Aside from that mix-up everything went just fine, though.