Antelope Canyon one day tour, visit Antelope Canyon in December

  1. By Dannie
  2. On Sep 2, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

It’s truly a miraculous vision worth seeing at least once in your life. To take the Antelope Canyon one day tour, to visit Antelope Canyon in December, for a roadtrip and a visit in the desert and at Antelope Canyon, Arizona? After reading everything on weather channels and meteo websites, in order to get my roadtrip ready, I’ve feared the cold and icy roads in Arizona, but in the end, I’ve been quite lucky : early morning were freezing cold indeed, and close to freezing temperature (about 30/34°F),  but no snowstorm and I barely saw any ice on the road….

Since the beautiful canyon is located on the Navajo land, it is required that you pay an $8 fee to enter the land as well as take a tour. It is absolutely forbidden to take this tour without a guide or tour operator. After researching all of our options, we went with the Dixie Ellis Tours located right next to Ken’s Tours. We learned that Dixie provides more extras (like a real Navajo musical performance and cold water after the tour) whereas Ken’s can occasionally skimp on these extras.

After the $8, you are required to pay a different price for your tour. Research various tour guides that match your budget and what you expect from your visit to Antelope Canyon.

What Should I Expect Of This Tour?

Depending on the tour you book, expect a very hot and crowded experience. Unfortunately, this place is extremely popular and I managed to travel here the weekend after Memorial Day (rookie mistake in true clumsy traveler fashion). With the crowds, the heat and the proximity within the canyons, it’s completely normal,nay-EXPECTED, to start to feel claustrophobic.

About halfway through our hour-long tour, I started to have a panic attack that had me almost mow-down the tourists in front of me to GTFO.

But our guide was well prepared with candy, ice packs and water. And while I didn’t require any of his handy-dandy tools, simply knowing he was prepared made my anxiety disappear!

However, we were prepared with sunblock and water, an absolute MUST when visiting this part of Arizona. (Okay, ALL OF ARIZONA requires sunblock and water.)

Aside from the heat and the crowds, it was 100% worth exploring this natural wonder. Just another reason to fall in love with Arizona.