To study the Places for family vacations in&around Antelope Canyon by our tips on the site,and arrange your Antelope Canyon National Park trip or book the bus tours on the website.Antelope Canyon is a slot canyon located in Arizona on Navajo land.

Antelope Canyon National Park Trip,Places for family vacations in&around Antelope Canyon

It was formed over the years by flash flooding that eroded the sandstone.Flash flooding is still a danger to visitors today with the last major flash flood occurring in 2006.Tourists may only visit the canyon with a guide because of this flood danger.

There are two sections of the canyon:Upper Antelope Canyon(also called The Crack)and Lower Antelope Canyon(also called The Corkscrew).The Navajo call the Upper Canyon Tse’bighanilini,meaning“the place where water runs through rocks.”The Lower Canyon is called Hasdestwazi,meaning“spiral rock arches.”

The canyons can both be found within the LeChee Chapter of the Navajo Nation,in Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park.There are entrance fees for both canyons,and these fees provide the Navajo Nation with much needed income.

Had plan to hike to this amazing canyon last time we headed west to Arizona for a road trip to see the grand Canyon but will definitely go back and catch it now that I’ve seen these.I’ve seen some great ones of this landmark,but these are an awesome collection and make it more appealing than any others groups of images of it I’ve seen.

Arches National Park,Utah,USA-Antelope Canyon Nearby

Utah is known for its impossible canyons and rock formations.Arches National Park in Eastern Utah is one of the most impressive.Here,natural sandstone arches,formed over millions of years when salt beds covered the area,create an amazing orange brown landscape.

The area has a rich history as well as fascinating geology,it was home to the Ute and Paiute tribes.Ute petroglyphs from around 250 years ago can still be seen today.

Bryce Canyon,also in Utah,should not be overlooked as a destination if beautiful rock formations captivate you.