Antelope Canyon day tour from Las Vegas, Which canyon you choose

  1. By Dannie
  2. On Sep 4, 2018
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

Whichever canyon you choose, expect large crowds of people, especially midday. The general tour groups get ushered through the canyon rather quickly, making it feel like a rushed experience. To take the Antelope Canyon day tour from Las Vegas on the site and visit it by our tips.

Upper Antelope Canyon Spot:

More Crowded
As mentioned in the previous section, this is the narrower canyon of the two and it’s more popular. We were not even allowed to bring backpacks inside since it gets so crowded in there!

After you walk through the canyon, the guides will ask you to turn around and walk back through going the other direction. That makes it even more crowded and packed in Upper Antelope. In Lower Antelope, traffic is mostly just one way, though those on photo tours will occasionally pass you going the other direction.

More Expensive
Upper Antelope Canyon is more expensive than Lower. In fact, it was more than double. However the guides prioritized us getting photos, and they even took some for us, which was a nice perk that Lower did not offer.

Would I recommend that you choose one over the other, or try to do both? It’s hard to say, because both have their perks. It really comes down to your intentions. For photographers, it probably makes sense to go to Upper Antelope Canyon. As you can see by comparing the photos, I got better ones out of Upper.

If the light beams don’t matter that much to you and you want a slightly more relaxed and cheaper experience, however, head to Lower Antelope Canyon.

Should you do both? Well, to be brutally honest, neither experience was all that enjoyable. In both cases I felt like we were being herded through the canyon and sharing the experience with tons of other people. That’s just how it is with something as beautiful and popular as these canyons. Both were absolutely beautiful, but both are very narrow and enclosed as well.

In the end I’m glad that I got to have the experience and the photo opportunity. These canyons are a bucket list item for good reason, but it’s probably not something that I would repeat.