Antelope Canyon bus tour from Las Vegas,Summer holiday in Antelope Canyon

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  2. On Aug 10, 2018
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Most travelers and tourists around the world likely don't know of the city of Page,Arizona,but chances are the incredible natural landforms surrounding the town can be easily recognized worldwide.Begin your Summer holiday in Antelope Canyon with our Antelope Canyon bus tour from Las Vegas nowdays.Sightseers visiting Page can explore the incredible depths of Antelope Canyon and the Colorado River's famous Horseshoe Bend,as well as Tower Butte and Rainbow Bridge-two impressive and massive desert rock formations.Tours to these remarkable locations can include airplane flights,helicopter landings,and plenty of ground exploration on foot.

Antelope Canyon bus tour from Las Vegas,Summer holiday in Antelope Canyon

The walls of this slot canyon have been smoothed and rippled by thousands of years of water and wind erosion.The undulation of the walls is what causes the world-famous light shafts to filter through to the bottom of the canyon.Catching a glimpse of these sun beams is a photographer dream-in fact,they are the subject of the most expensive photo ever sold.The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Antelope Canyon isn't limited to visitors to Page-our Las Vegas terminal offers daily tours!

We offered the perfect opportunity for visitors to see the stunning desert scenery just beyond the city.Our aircraft are specially-designed to enhance every sightseeing opportunity,from oversized windows and high wings for viewing and photography to headset narration and air-conditioning within the cabin.Discover the expanse of Lake Powell's glittering waters and its astounding 2,000-mile coastline.

Surrounding this massive reservoir is the colorful stone landscape of Glen Canyon and the nearby Glen Canyon Dam.The highlight of this airplane tour will undoubtedly be the aerial sights of Horseshoe Bend.This alluring curve in the Colorado River reaches a near-perfect circle,and has teased photographers and painters for decades.All of these fantastic desert sights can be experienced in less than hour's time on Papillon's Horseshoe Bend&Lake Powell Adventures tour.