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Learn more about the great European travel destinations and how they were built, take in their history and meaning, along with more practical information on where, when and how to visit the next time you're on a cathedral pilgrimage through Europe ... Book the affordable tours Europe on with discount price.

Romantic Things to Do in Amsterdam

Take a Private Amsterdam Canal Cruise

While it will set you back more than a few euros, hiring a private boat and guide to cruise Amsterdam's canals is much more romantic than sitting next to strangers on a massive group boat.

Aboard one of the quaint "salon boats," you and your significant other can enjoy a private dinner or just sip champagne as you float along Amsterdam's waters. Rent a Boat Amsterdam is a highly reputable local company that represents several different restored salon boats ​and comes highly recommended by their guests.

European Travel Destinations

See Amsterdam by Night

The magical quality of Amsterdam by night will put you in the romantic mood all by itself. Bridge lights glow in the canals and couples walk hand-in-hand along cobbled streets as they peek through the windows of stately canal houses. Evenings spent in the city, especially in the grachtengordel, or "canal belt," offers lovers (or friends who hope to be) a shimmery scene to explore together.

To really enjoy the city nightscape, you can book a nighttime canal cruise, which are generally offered in the early evenings. From a basic nighttime to tour to elegant candlelit dinners, there is a cruise for every budget and guaranteed to impress your sweetie.

Destinations and Resorts for Honeymoons in Italy

Church of Duomo

The Milan Cathedral is the largest in all of Italy and the fifth largest in the world. Construction on this large Gothic style cathedral groundbreaking occurred in 1386. Visitors can access the rooftops, which provide amazing views of the city.

Piazza San Marco

The Piazza San Marco is the largest and primary public area in Venice. The structures surrounding it date back more than one thousand years, although the vast majority are from Renaissance times. It has been called "the drawing room of Europe."

Bridge of Sighs

This gorgeous white-limestone bridge in Venice gets its name from an almost ironically bleak place: In the 1800s, the windows looking out from the enclosed bridge's interior were the last views of sublime that Venice convicts would see before their imprisonment.