Activities in Barcelona,the famous show worth to visit

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Aug 14, 2017
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This page we talk about the activities in Barcelona,and has reviews of a popular Flamenco show in Barcelona's Spanish Village Poble Espanyol sent in by site visitors Phil Batchelor and Stefka Taneva.Flamenco is traditional for the South of Spain in the Andalusia region however Barcelona also has excellent flamenco Tablaos as they are known.Barcelona also home to one of the greatest flamenco dancers of all time Carmen Amaya,after which this Tablao is named.You will experience the passion and music of traditional Spanish flamenco music and dance,an experience that will give you goose bumps all over.

Barcelona famous show

How to get to Tablao de Carmen

Metro Espanya(Green Line,L3)and(Red Line,L1)

Public bus

Poble Espanyol:13,23,150

Car parking

Car parking near Tablao de Carmen close to Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

The flamenco show lasted some 75-90 minutes and involved a guitarist,3 singers and 6 or 7 dancers.It was,as I understand it,more serious and'genuine'than the typical Costa Flamenco Night.

Our only disappointment was that we'd left the camcorder in the apartment as I had assumed that we would not be allowed to use it whereas this seemed to be perfectly acceptable.

The only slight flaw in the whole evening was our inability to get a taxi when we came out of the Spanish Village at about 23:00.However,the walk down the hill to Plaza d'Espanya(where there were taxis aplenty)was not a problem as the night was warm and dry.

The Famous Flamenco Show at Tablao Cordobés on La Rambla.

The one question we receive more than any other to our website is"Where can I see an authentic flamenco show in Barcelona?".The word"authentic"in this sense implies a quality performance that is a genuine representation of the art of flamenco,rooted in history of Andalusia.As you will discover Tablao Cordobés meets all these criteria.