About Living in Rome,Italy

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Sep 13, 2017
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Ancient Romans believed the gods themselves chose the site that would become the most powerful city in the ancient world.This land,which today comprises the city of Rome,Italy,was perhaps always destined for greatness.


Expert Insight

Identifying the main focal points of the city can help you make your life in Rome more manageable.Your first step upon arriving should be to contact your local embassy and register there.The American Embassy is located on Via Vittorio Veneto,easily accessible by public transportation.Other places you should locate quickly are your local ER(known as Pronto Soccorso)and hospital.There are numerous medical centers in Rome,so check your phone book for the one closest to you.

Parco degli Acquedotti

Don't miss the Parco degli Acquedotti,a beautiful open space around the Roman aqueduct in southeastern Rome.The park offers visitors a breathtaking place to relax,take photographs or observe nature.It has been protected by development and therefore retains a natural,rustic feeling.Parco degli Acquedotti is part of the larger Appian Way Regional Park.

Tiber Island

Tiber Island is situated in the middle of the Tiber River.According to legend,the island formed when Romans threw the wheat sheaves of banished King Tarquin into the river.Over time,dirt and silt collected around the wheat,forming the island that exists today.Visitors can reach the island via two bridges,the Ponte Fabricio and the Ponte Cestio.