A Quick Guide to Antelope Canyon, Outdoor Vacation With Antelope Canyon Tours

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Jun 1, 2017
  3. North America
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A quick guide to Antelope Canyon you need, outdoor vacation with Antelope Canyon tours. Most of these replies are for the upper section, where the rocks are dark, the slot narrow, the walking easy, and the walls high. Mid-day is best here for sure, that's when the beams of light strike best.

Guide to Antelope Canyon

There's also a lower section on the other side of the highway, lighter colored rocks, some sections are much wider (other sections are very narrow), some sections have lower walls ... so all in all you can photograph earlier and later in the day here.

Not nearly as crowded as upper Antelope since the fat and lame can't negotiate the ladders and tight spots. Always felt the lower section was much more interesting, but when I was spending time up there I was often the only person in lower and 20 people was considered a crowd at upper. Just drive up and the Navajo will assign you a 'watcher' guide. Ask him to show you the dinosaur footprint near the entrance.

Yup, if the OP is going to Antelope Canyon in hopes of seeing antelope, he or she is going to be extremely disappointed!

I don't have any specific information about Slot Canyon Hummer Tours. But the basic choice that you have to make is whether to just show up in the parking lot and take the tour from there (as described above), versus taking one of the tours that start from downtown Page (like Slot Canyon Hummer tours). You'll pay more for the downtown tour, possibly a lot more. If you take the downtown tour, you may get less time in the canyon, if your tour takes the same amount of time overall, but uses some of it driving to and from the canyon.

Guide to Antelope Canyon

When I was at Antelope Canyon, there were many tour guides there, some from the parking lot, some from downtown, and I didn't detect any systematic difference between them. Most of the guides were pretty lame, and some were frankly obnoxious. To the extent that they offered any expertise at all, it was mostly in providing advice about how to take the best photographs. And most of the advice was bad advice, like "set your camera to the highest possible ISO setting."

Therefore, as a general rule, I'd say it's better to save money and time and just go to the parking lot, as described above. But it's possible that Slot Canyon Hummer Tours is better than the rest, so that it might actually be worth paying extra for them.