A Low Cost Holiday in Lisbon,Lisbon Tours Guides

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 30, 2017
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Lisbon tours guides help you preparing a low cost holiday in Lisbon.The biggest expense for any holiday to Lisbon will be the flights and accommodation.These can be reduced by booking far-in-advance,especially with the flights.The price of flights never reduces closer to the departure date,while the business models of the low-cost airlines increase the price of seats as the plane fills up.

Lisbon Tours Guides

Limiting the biggest costs,flights and accommodation.The best time get the cheapest tickets are when the flights have just been released,typically nine months before the departure date.

For accommodation there can be last minute deals,outside of the peak season,but these tend to be on the higher end rooms.Many hotel booking websites do not require a deposit,so there is no monetary penalty for altering plans or even cancelling,our advice for Lisbon is book far-in-advance.

Eating cheaply in Lisbon

It is very easy to eat inexpensively while on holiday to Lisbon,the key is to avoid the tourist centres and head to where the Portuguese eat.Portuguese eating establishments are busy,noisy and chaotic affairs and some of the best food is served from the numerous cafes.Cafes are ideal for lunch as they often have a great value set of meals based on traditional dishes,such as Bacalhau.