Lisbon Sightseeing Guides,Tourist Attractions in Lisbon

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Nov 27, 2017
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To enjoy the tourist attractions in Lisben by our Lisben sightseeing guides.Traffic and parking can be a nightmare,especially in the downtown tourist districts,one word of caution:Lisbon's Tram 28 and the Santa Justa Elevator double as attractions,so expect crowds.

Lisben Sightseeing Guides

Cristo Rei Statue

Inspired by Brazil’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue,the Cristo Rei statue rises up from a hill overlooking the Targus River.The massive monument was built to express gratitude to God for allowing Portugal to escape the worst horrors of World War II.It was opened to the public in 1959.Standing with arms outstretched,the Christ figure is set atop a tall arch with a rectangular observation deck at the base.An interior elevator takes visitors to a platform beneath the figure’s feet for panoramic views of Lisbon,the Targus estuary and the Golden-Gate-style 25 de Abril Bridge.

Praca do Comercio

One of the star attractions of Lisbon’s downtown waterfront,the Praca do Comercio is an expansive plaza flanked by elegant 18th-century buildings.Portugal’s Dom Jose I made his home here until the earthquake of 1755 reduced it to rubble.Locals still refer to the square as the Terreiro do Paco,or yard of the royal palace.A monument featuring the king on horseback dominates the center of the plaza.A large triumphal arch completed in 1873 anchors the northern side.Hotels,shops and restaurants located nearby make the sunny square a popular destination for visitors exploring Lisbon’s scenic waterfront.