7 Ways To Design Your New York City Tour Around The Films Destinations

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Apr 20, 2017
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New York City and the movies-they go together like romantic and comedy,like Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan,like been there and done that.There are so many attractions in New York City-the beautiful,the busy,the rare,the grandiose.Here is a list of 7 ways to design your New York City tour around the films we all know and love.

1.There are several ready-made entertainment-based tours in New York City.One of the newest is the Sex and the City tour.This is a tour for the girlfriends.We're talking cupcakes,shopping,and girls-night-out.The tour is designed by On Location Tours and takes you and your friends to the places made famous by Carrie,Samantha,Charolotte,and Miranda.The tour now includes locations from the movie as well.

New York City Tour

2.On Location Tours also designs our next two choices.Central Park is so crowded with film locations,you'll think you've been there before.A Central Park Movie Walking Tour breaks it down for you and guides you through the famous Trump-Wollman rink featured in several films,the Boathouse Cafe and the Bethesda Fountain from films like When Harry Met Sally and One Fine Day,and Tavern on the Green not just featured in films but frequented by real life celebrities.The tour lasts about 2 hours,and remember-it's a walking tour,so change out of those Sex and the City heels before you begin.

3.If you wax more nostalgic over the Cosby Show and those six famous friends than you do over full-length films,then try On Location's New York TV and Movie Sites tour.Their website tells you to come ready to sing t.v.theme songs as they show you the apartment building famous as Monica and Chandler's,the diner way-too-often frequented by Seinfeld and his friends,and yes,you can sit on the steps of Cosby's townhouse.Wear an extra-large brightly-colored sweater if you'd like and sort out the meaning of parenthood and curfews.

4.Don't let the pros do it all for you.Central Park and the entire NBC line-up for the 80s and 90s could be a bit overwhelming on your own and better managed with a tour guide,but you could self-design your own movie tour and enjoy the sites of New York City your way.Personally,I think someone should design a Nora Ephron movie tour.Ephron is synonymous with New York City films and romantic comedies.Try two of the You've Got Mail locations for a quieter view of New York City.The 91st Street Garden is a privately maintained section of Riverside Garden along the Hudson and the scene for the beautiful finale between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in the movie.

New York City Tour

5.How about some romance?Just try to watch Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's without getting a dreamy perspective on the famous jewelry store's window displays and little blue boxes."Nothing bad could happen to you there,"she believes.To actually eat breakfast there,you'll have to do it as she did:Order from somewhere else and eat it on the street outside.My favorite view of this store,however,comes from a movie with a different state in the name when in Sweet Home Alabama Patrick Dempsey's character ushers Reese Witherspoon through the back door,points to the many display cases and urges,"Pick one."Now that's a romantic trip to Tiffany's.

6.If you're not ready for the engagement,though,I have the perfect date idea based on another New York City romantic comedy,Serendipity with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.First you do a little shopping at Bloomingdale's located at 1000 3rd Avenue.This is where our couple first meets in the film while shopping for...gloves apparently.

7.If you're not looking for romance at all,I have the perfect duo for just plain New York city fun.There is a hot dog you absolutely must try if you visit New York City to celebrate films.The characters in You've Got Mail eat them,but the Gray's Papaya hot dog was immortalized I believe in the Matthew Perry/Salma Hayek film,Fools Rush In.Part restaurant,part street vendor,and dripping with New York City charm,the Gray's Papaya hot dog will set the perfect tone for fun and movie adventure in New York City.