6 Things Nobody Told You About the US East Coast

  1. By Globerouter
  2. On May 17, 2019
  3. North America
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The USA is on the bucket list of many a travel enthusiast, but there's plenty you may not know about the nation's coasts and all that they have to offer. The East coast, in particular, is home to some of America's greatest natural and man-made icons, and with so much to see, you're bound to uncover a few hidden treasures.

A Short Stay Can Still Be a Good Stay

Traveling the East coast can involve a long time commitment, especially if there are many destinations on your checklist, but there are also great options available to time-poor travelers. Whether you have a whole week or just a couple of days spare, you can experience more than a few unforgettable moments at Watkins Glen State Park and Niagara Falls. A short, two-day experience might be enough to give you a feel for the location with the many attractions nearby without committing to a week or more of vacation time.

After a few days, you might discover that more time is needed

It’s Not All About the Hustle and Bustle

Many of the must-see places on the East coast are renowned for the busy, exciting lifestyle they proffer, but there are also plenty of spots for cooling off once you're tired of the bright lights. If you've got time to kill in New York, head to the Botanical Gardens and enjoy the sights and smells of one of the largest botanical gardens in the United States. The gardens play host to a diverse range of plant life, and during the Spring, you might even spot a few cherry blossoms. If you still haven't had enough of Mother Nature, check out the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington DC, or even Philadelphia Zoo, but make sure to leave some room for exploring small countryside spots.

Book For The Season

If you're used to living in a mild climate, be aware that the East coast receives a full spectrum of weather conditions throughout the year, from sweltering summers to snowy winters and everything in between. To get the best out of the season you're arriving into, you'll want to plan ahead to ensure a fail-safe itinerary. For example, if a beach holiday in Miami sounds like the dream, booking in the dry season is a good choice. The best way to prepare is by checking the weather reports for your destination and stocking up on the right clothing for the season you'll be flying into.

You Don't Have to Go Far for a Change of Scenery…

Some of the top East coast attractions reside in well-known cities like Philadelphia, Washington D.C, New York, and Boston, all of which lies conveniently within a bus journey of each other. In one week-long road trip, you can explore It's this close proximity that makes a bus tour such a great option as visitors are able to explore several destinations in a short time and avoid paying costly airfares to get from one state to another. You might be surprised by the scenic variety to be found just down the coast.

…But It Helps

After a few days of hustle and bustle, a little time out might be just what you need, and how better to do that than on a boat? After a relaxing cruise to the Thousand Islands, the distance to Canada, and all of its unique scenery will seem much less, and you might just feel inspired to take on a trip through Ottawa and Montreal. Canada, while separate from the US, offers many similar attractions with a fresh perspective, and if you're heading to Niagara Falls, you're likely to end up there at some point.

It Costs a Pretty Penny

East coast USA is packed full of adventures to be had, and many of them come at a price, but that's not to say there are no inexpensive activities for tourists. In fact, you might find coin-saving bliss at New York's Botanical Gardens or track down a few bargain buys at the Reading Terminal Market. As a starting point, you should be prepared to spend a fair chunk of your savings on accommodation and food and keep a reserve fund for any must-have purchases. If money is no object, a deluxe tour will allow you to visit a host of popular spots over a relatively short period of time, and you may even score a more comfortable seat for the ride.

The United States'East coast is full of holiday memories waiting to be made, as long as you know how to use your time wisely. There is plenty to see - so much that you might find yourself pressed for time - so be sure to plan and prioritize if you want to get as much as possible out of your trip.