5 Most Memorable Experience Don't Miss During Your London Day Trip

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Oct 13, 2017
  3. Europe
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London,as one of the most famous city in Europe,with so many historical attractions which attracts more and more people rush here every year.This page is about the 5 most memorable experience don't miss during your London day trip.

London Day Trip

Underground Culture--House of Vans

Part of a skater’s identity is their removal from mainstream culture and a journey‘underground’to allow that culture to flourish.The established brand of Vans don’t mind taking this idea literally,creating an amazing park in the vaults below Waterloo station.Here local skaters can enjoy their pastime in a haven designed just for them.

Unconventional museum--Wellcome Collection

Wellcome Collection defines itself as"The free destination for incurably curious".People genuinely love this place for the choice of exhibition out of ordinary–generally free–and the incredibly selection of books either at their Library or at the shop.Human Anatomy,Oriental Religions,Tattoo and much more at your disposal!

Defining Moments--Getty Images Gallery

Sheltered away from the tourist shuffle on Oxfort St lies London's largest independent photographic gallery and exhibition space,home to of one of the world's most expansive photographic collections in the world,with images dating back through generations of photography.