5 Most Important Sights in Prague

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Dec 19, 2017
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Everyone has his or her own list of favorite things to see and do in Prague.Here are 5 most important sights in Prague you can't miss during Prague travel.To avoid repetition,I'll assume that Old Town Square,Charles Bridge,Prague Castle,and the Old Jewish Cemetery are givens and there's no need to re-list them here.

5 Most Important Sights in Prague


The National Gallery's collection of 20th-and 21st-century art is a jaw-dropper.Forget the Klimts,Schieles,Picassos,and Rodins for a moment and head straight for the gallery of constructivist,functionalist,surrealist Czech art from 1900 to 1930.This was an especially fruitful period for Czech art,when it was at the vanguard of modern movements.

St.Agnes Convent

I would have never guessed I had an interest in Gothic art,but this museum in a former convent is full of surprises.The 13th and 14th century paintings are filled with wit and humor and could easily have come off a post-Modern easel somewhere last week.The sculpture and statuary are ample evidence of Prague's preeminence in Europe in the Middle Ages.

The Palace Gardens(Palácovézahrady).This series of four sculpted baroque gardens on the hill below Prague Castle is simply special,filled with hidden corners and lovely views.They're accessible from Valdstejnskástreet below or from Prague Castle above.

5 Most Important Sights in Prague

Vysehrad cemetery

I am sucker for celebrities,even dead ones.Dvorák,Smetana,Mucha,and the rest of the Czech pantheon are all laid to rest here in Prague's own version of Paris's Père-Lachaise.It's fun to poke around and look for familiar names,and the hilltop Vysehrad setting is stunning.

Stromovka park

This seemingly limitless preserve of walks and trails is perfect for cycling,rollerblading,or just strolling among the trees.This park is situated miles from the tourist throng but it's within easy walking distance of the river promenade and the zoo.Grab a pack lunch,a blanket,and a good book and take the afternoon off(as I like to do as often as I can).