4 Days Trip Planner To Yellowstone National Park

  1. By Kevin
  2. On Mar 21, 2017
  3. North America
  4. Travel Tips

The Yellowstone National Park is one of the greatest scene for tourists who love natural places and easy to reach to for many US travelers. But I usually stay in West Yellowstone, because it is easier and more convience for me to get to and also because I usually go at the last minute and it is easier to get reservations there. Last time, I was able to use frequent flyer miles and got a free stay. I would do that again!! And here's my travel experience about my 4 days trip planner to Yellowstone National park.

You will see animals everywhere, just concentrations of some animals in some areas. This last May, I saw 3 bear on the road between Madison and Old Faithful. You will of course see bison and elk on the road from West into Madison. I also usually see trumpeter swan and there was an eagle nest on that entry road as well so saw a bald eagle on the nest, another in a nearby tree and another time saw one of them on the wing.

Yellowstone National park

It probably takes an hour and a half to get to Canyon from West, depending on how long the hold up is at the road construction site near Gibbon Falls. You can still drive the Hayden Valley area and Dunraven during the day and may see a variety of things.

Stop when you see someone with a spotting scope on the roadside. They usually are glad to talk about what they are seeing.

The best thing about being in West is you are close to the thermal areas, my favorite!!

On your first morning, you can head to Canyon, do both sides of Canyon, head down into Hayden, do Mud Volcano, Fishing Bridge and see the lake. You can reverse and head back up Hayden for another pass or you can continue around the bottom loop toward Old Faithful and back out to West. If you head back north, you might have time to go over Dunraven to Tower. If you head south, you can do West Thumb if you didn't do that on your way in.

Yellowstone National Park

Day 2, I would go directly to Old Faithful, do not pass go, do not collect $200. In other words, dont stop at any of the geyser basins on your way in. Go to the Visitor Center, write down the times for the predictable eruptions and plan your Upper geyser basin visit around them. On the way back to West, do Black Sand, Biscuit, Midway,Fountain, Lower. For me this takes all day.

Day 3, Turn left at Madison headed to Norris. Stop at Artist Paint pots, Norris Geyser basin, then head to Mammoth. If you are geysered out, skip Norris, do Mammoth, then head East toward Tower Jct and come back over Dunraven to Canyon and work back toward West. Be sure at some point to take the side road to Virginia Cascade on that road. Very pretty!

I am not much for driving at night, but I will get out early in the AM. You will see plenty of things any way you decide to go!