18 Most Famous Landmark Attractions in London,London City Guides

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  2. On Aug 31, 2017
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As one of the biggest city on the world,with its far-reaching impact on history and politics,London has a number of special attractions,and attracting a large number of tourists rush to here.15 most famous landmark attractions in London listed for you in this London city guides.

London City Guides


The Gherkin,officially known by its street address 30 St.Mary Axe,is a 41 story skyscraper built in 2004 in the financial center of London.The building received several awards for its unique design.

Queen Victoria Memorial

In 1911 the Victoria Memorial was built right in front of Buckingham Palace.It honors the late Queen Victoria,who reigned more than 60 years over the expansive British Empire.


London's most famous department store is a luxurious shopping paradise.Its lavish interior and enormous range of products will impress even the most shopping-averse visitor.

Westminster Abbey

Construction of the Westminster Abbey started in 1050 and spanned 8 centuries.The abbey serves as a burial ground for many famous monarchs,scientists and artists.

London City Guides

Other Important Attractions as below:

Big Ben

Tower of London

London Eye

Tower Bridge

Piccadilly Circus

Trafalgar Square

St.Paul's Cathedral

Houses of Parliament

Buckingham Palace

Hyde Park

Kew Gardens

British Museum

Madame Tussauds